Automate Your
Entire DMC Business

NEXUS helps DMCs automate their entire business operations
from generating quotes to end-mile delivery

Upload Products Easily

Upload your products (hotel rates, transfer rates, activity prices) using Excel and manage them in real-time.

Enable products for pricing to be used by agents to create quotes without emailing you back n forth.

Centralized Agent Dashboard

Shows you all your agents by market and quotes they have generated.

Allow you to grow your agent business and conversion ratio tightly and identify the gaps in product and pricing.

Low cost & Intelligent Operations

As bookings come in they get automatically queued to suppliers like hotels and transporters to confirm.

Reduces manual work, automatically generates itinerary and generates invoices for agents and does supplier side reconciliation.

Central Delivery Management

Auto-queue jobs to drivers and transporters. Manage all delivery jobs centrally without failing on any item.

Connect customers to live concierge and drive higher agent satisfaction and repeat business.

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