Easiest Way to Build and Manage Your Own Dynamic Website

Your own website, not a white label, change and drive, a website that works for you, you build and keep, not someone giving you. Take a look at the wonder!

Technology ahead of the OTAs

More than half of the consumers are browsing on phone. Is your mobile experience the best and most suitable for them to know everything about your business ?

Consumers value experience and so do we.

What should your website do for you

  • What is a good website - Its not like a picture hanging on the wall, or a plastic plane - It is like Amazon and FlipKart something that works like Via. ( that we built ) or TripFactory.com
  • It should be where actual business can be conducted, not like a whatsapp banner in different colours
  • It takes 5-6 years for this technology to be built completely and cannot be done overnight.

Why should you do business with us?

  • 80% of whatever b2b industry exists today, was created by us.
  • We are known for redefining industries, and creating them.
  • What we build works and people have built a livelihood using us.
  • Almost every company in b2b tries to copy us worldwide.
  • India's Finest airlines run websites built by us

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Built-in SEO Tools

Every Your Designer website or online store comes with a suite of integrated features and useful guides that help maximize prominence among search results.


Integrate your site with Google Analytics and learn where your website traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking for, and how they’re interacting with your content or products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of websites are there?

Websites are of two types, dynamic and static website. Static website is like paper - which does nothing, and is generally waste of money. It is FREE here! Dynamic website is like a real human being, interacting with your customer, doing what the customer wants.

Why should I take a dynamic website?

Static website is like a paper pamphlet, people can see it and do nothing with it. Dynamic website is like a sales person, people can see it and also interact with it, to get what they want. Dynamic website is like your sales person in your office. Static website is like a pamphlet.

How does the back office work?

When a lead is generated you need to go back to the customer in a few minutes or he will go to another person who gives him a quotes quickly. You should work with people who give you systems to generate quotes, reduce your burden of hiring more staff and also close sales quickly. This will allow you to focus on generating more business, rather than spending more time on the same lead.

Can I confirm bookings with my own DMCs?

You can invite your own DMC and work with them through the NEXUS platform, and there is no commission loss.. you get what the DMC charges you, we do not keep anything in between.

Can I maintain my own website?

With our website builder tool everyone can now maintain, their own website and make sure the look and feel is not like everyone. Basically you are not a whitelabel, you are your own style and different. Client should not visit website of 5 agents and say it is the same, it should be different otherwise you are losing your identity.

How is your platform different from other website?

TF NEXUS is a platform which solves the end to end need of the tourism business, right from helping you generate leads, give you a website, give you backend system, access to any DMC in the world, and also give you full visibility during travel.

I have an existing website, what solution can you provide to me ?

If you have an existing website you should take our website and replace it. We will help you move that website to NEXUS.

I am an agent, I want wallet option to make payment- do we have this facility in the website like (Via)

Yes TF nexus allows you to make payments using wallet.

Can I get a Demo/Video on the features and how to use the paltform

You can join our live DEMO session and live demo on request.

Do i get a Dashboard to track my enquiries , bookings and quotations

Yes you get the worlds best lead management system and CRM built in, you get to not only track each lead but also to be able to send and receive messages to your customers through that.

Can I generate vouchers, Itinerary and invoices on this platform?

Yes you can generate the itineraries and vouchers from the system.

Can we upload multiple DMC content in the website?

Yes you can do that.

Can we do standalone flight and standalone hotel bookings?

Yes we will be adding that feature by March

Do we get a mobile app also?

Yes you can use the TF NEXUS mobile app to run your business, as your website is linked to your TF NEXUS account.

Can I generate leads from this system

Yes its very easy to use share features in the platform to generate leads.

I am an existing B2B agent on TripFactory, what more and different I get on this subscripition

You will get TF NEXUS + Website as a part of the subscription. TF NEXUS will no longer be free.

What's your business about?

 Beauty, Salon and Spa
 Doctor and Pharmacy
 Food or Restaurant
 Health and Fitness
 Education and Tutor
 Professional Services
 Web or Graphic Design

What are your top goals?

 Sell Products
 Sell Services
 Collect Donations
 Get Appointments
 Market Myself or My Business
 Promote a physical business
 Showcase Work/Expertise
 Get Leads for My Businesss
 Promote a Event
 Publish a Blog or other Media

Do you have a website domain?

 I already have a domain
 I want to buy a domain

How much are you looking to spend on your website?

 $12 per month
 ₹$20 per month
 ₹$30 per month
 Open for discussion

Lastly we need some details about yourself

Please note your contact details are kept confidential.

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